Watercolor Card

Lately, I have been seeing cards using the masking tape technique using painter's tape.  I've tried all morning, but alas, no success.  Hmmmm ... Challenge Accepted!  (Loved Barney on How I Met Your Mother!)

Since I couldn't get the technigue quite right, I pulled out my watercolor pencils and water brush to give them a whirl.  After a few attempts, I got the look I wanted.  Renewing my love of watercolor pencils!  We used to carry the water paint brush, but no longer have it.  You can find them at any arts and crafts store.  Here's the water brush I used. 

While creating this card, I started getting the watercolors on my desk.  Then, like a flash of GENIUS I remembered that I had our NEW All Purpose Mat!  This mat is AWESOME!!  Rubber back to grip to my work desk so the mat does not move and it allows for easy wipe up the water and ink.  LOVE this mat!  Tossing my "other" brand mat into the kids' play box.


CTMH items used:

Watercolor Pencils (3505)
Your Own Kind of Wonderful (D1627)
All-Purpose Mat (Z2045)
Sorbet Cardstock (X5751)
Black Exclusive Inks Stamp Pad (Z2105)
Sparkles Clear Assortment (Z1752)
White Card & Envelope (X254