Scrapbook Room Remodel, Part 1

Happy Monday, everyone!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are changing and I am pulling out my tights and Mary Janes.  I love autumn!

Lately, hubby and I have been preparing for my winter hibernation by remodeling my scrapbook room, which I lovingly refer to as my "Playroom".  YEAH!!  When I married a builder/carpenter, I thought I would make a "suggestion" for something to be built and "POOF" it would be done.  No such luck with this (or any other) project.  All I kept hearing was "we are in this together".  

While it was supposed to be a 50/50 split in work, it was more like 70/30 ... me being the 30 ... but I was helping a LOT!  Rest assured my other 20 percent will come when I have to put everything in it's place.  ARGH!!

Anyway, here is the before of my playroom ...

Functional, but not what I really wanted.  Soooo ... let the REMODEL begin! 

First thing to go was my big oak desk.  It's so big hubby had to remove the door so we could get in a spare bedroom which is now our home office.

Down came the shelves and out went the cabinets ... which means,

I had stuff scattered everywhere!  In the living room, dining room, playroom ... hubby's playroom ... oops!


Hubby began painting my room in a beautiful, soothing green called Velvet Verde Antique by Color Place at Walmart.  Love this color so much, I have it in our bedroom!

Putting up the shelves!

Hubby building my dream table!  

We set the table about 35" high so I can stand and play as well as sit down and play.  Still have to get new chairs.

It's coming together!  We did all of this and a little more (no pics yet) in one weekend.  I'll be back in a couple of days with the final tour!