Storage Idea - Ribbon

I love ribbon!  All the colors, textures, designs ... every aspect of it!  Well, almost every aspect.  I don't like is the space it takes up in my playroom.  Buckets and stacks of ribbon everywhere.  Have you ever noticed how much empty space there is inside the actual spool?  We all know space is a premium in any proper playroom.  My solution?  Get the ribbon off those large spools.  Wasteful!  So I zipped over to my local Michael's and found this Iris® photo box with 16 individual cases included.

I went from this pile of 79 spools of ribbon ...

to 8  little containers ...

All the ribbons are stored in their color family and there's still room to add more in the individual cases.  Here's how it looks in the carrier.  My ribbons are on the left.  Now I am ready to pick up and head to a crop!

Need an idea for all those spools?  I use them to start a fire in the fire pit and the wood stove.  Thanks for looking!